Discounts for Students and Military Personnel at Sports Bars in Louisville

Veterans Day is a special time to recognize and thank veterans and service members of the United States for their courage, service, and sacrifice. Many companies offer discounts to veterans and active service members, as well as their family members. All that is needed is to inform the front door employee of the property they visit that they are veterans or on active duty. On this special day, ZIPS Car Wash is one such company that provides free car washes to veterans and active military personnel.

Check your local location for more information.If you are a student or military personnel in Louisville, you should take advantage of the discounts available at some of the city's best sports bars! Against the Grain is a popular sports bar located at the Louisville Slugger Stadium in the East End. It has been voted “Best Sports Bar” by the Courier-Journal and features a large 16 x 10 foot screen to show the games. It also has 9 televisions that surround the dining room.


is located in the heart of the UofL campus and is a popular bar and grill frequented by UofL alumni.

It is also 0.7 miles from Lynn Family Stadium, making it a great spot to watch a variety of games.Students and military personnel in Louisville can take advantage of these discounts at these two great sports bars! So don't forget to ask about any special offers when you visit.

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