The Best Happy Hour Deals in Louisville, Kentucky

Are you looking for the best happy hour specials in Louisville, Kentucky? Look no further than Mesh Louisville. This Sports & Social Club is a laid-back sports bar that offers classic pub food and amazing views of sports on more than 35 HD TVs in a cozy tavern atmosphere. Not only do they serve lunch and dinner, but they also provide an exciting nightlife with patio seating, bowling, live entertainment, and a fully-equipped private party space. A happy hour at a great price is like having a coupon book for your favorite places in the city.

And if you've ever watched TLC's Extreme Couponers marathons, you know there's a real thrill to paying less. Thankfully, no barcodes are needed for these top weekly deals and happy hours in Louisville. Against the Grain is located at the Louisville Slugger Stadium and is also the proud home of the LCFC, just 0.7 miles from Lynn Family Stadium. You can watch a variety of games on its 9 televisions that surround the dining room.

Cardinal+ is one of the most popular spots among UofL alumni and has been voted “Best Sports Bar” by the Courier-Journal. It has 10,800 square feet of space with more than 20 TVs and a large 16 x 10 foot screen to show the games. I've lived in Louisville for a long time, but I've never seen such an attractive list of happy hour specials.

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