The Best Sports Bars in Louisville for Sports Lovers

Are you a sports fan looking for the best sports bars in Louisville? From dive sites on back roads to refined whiskey lounges and everything in between, this article will provide you with the top options for watching your favorite teams. Griff's is the go-to spot for sports fans in Louisville. Endorsed by the Courier-Journal, this 10,800 square foot venue has more than 20 high-definition TVs, an outdoor beach volleyball facility, a virtual indoor driving range, and a huge menu of classic dishes to share. Plus, it has 40 beers on tap and more than 100 bourbons.

Owned by former University of Louisville and NBA player Darrell Griffith, Griff's is a local favorite.O'Line is another great option for sports fans. It's ideal for families and boasts that it's the best place to watch all the games and all the sports all year round. The Plainview Village Center branch offers a variety of sports television packages, including the MLB package, ESPN College Gameplan, The Sunday Ticket, Big 10 and all Fox Sports channels.The luxurious lounge located inside the historic Galt House Hotel is another great option. It was originally inaugurated in 1972 and was a perfect fit for the tobacco scene of the 70s, with its subdued lighting, powerful bourbon menu, red vinyl bar stools and rich walnut wood flavor.

It also has a pool table, darts, regular live music, and a large backyard full of lights for when you need some fresh air.If you're looking for the best sports bars in Louisville to watch your favorite teams, always call ahead to make sure that the schedule hasn't changed and that the bar you're interested in plays the game you want to see. With these 16 sports bars in Louisville, you'll be sure to find one that fits your needs.

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