What Payment Options Do Sports Bars in Louisville Offer?

Sports fans in Louisville, Kentucky, have plenty of options when it comes to watching the game. From local teams like Lou City FC and the Louisville Racing to major league teams like the Bengals, Reds, Colts and Pacers, there are plenty of places to grab a beer and some wings while cheering on your favorite team. But what payment options do these sports bars offer? The Dawg House Sports Grill in Ruston instituted a 4% surcharge for all card payments a little over a year ago, according to manager Alex Green. Other sports bars may accept cash only or offer both cash and credit card payments.

It's best to call ahead or check the bar's website to find out what payment options are available. The University of Louisville's band program offers several ensembles, including the Marching Band, the Pep Band, the Wind Ensemble, the Symphonic Band, the Concert Band, and the Community Band. Currently, more than 300 students participate in these programs. Students don't have to major in music to participate; in fact, most of the enrollments are comprised of non-musical specializations.

The Bridwell Art Library, located on the main floor of Schneider Hall, contains the University of Louisville's art, design, and architecture research collection. The University of Louisville's Digital Transformation Center transforms access, knowledge, design and use of technology to adopt digital agility and improve learning and discovery in the Commonwealth. The University of Louisville's professional services offices are ready to help students with career advice, career fairs and other events, assistance in their search for opportunities, and a variety of resources for professional development. Its collections document life in the Louisville metropolitan area, from business, cultural and political history to the lives of Louisvillians from diverse walks of life.The Student Recreation Center offers informal recreation as well as extracurricular activities, group fitness classes, personal training and sports clubs.

The Plainview Village Center branch offers a variety of sports television packages including the MLB package, ESPN College Gameplan, The Sunday Ticket, Big 10 and all Fox Sports channels. The special college mathematics subjects (GEN 103 and GEN 10) are three credit-hour math intervention courses offered through REACH Math Resources.Voted “Best Sports Bar” by the Courier-Journal, this 10,800 square foot venue in the East End has more than 20 televisions and a large 16 x 10 foot screen to show the games. Add a pool table, darts, regular live music and a large backyard full of lights for when you need some fresh air and you're enjoying a great sports bar experience.Located in the heart of the UofL campus is one of the most popular places among UofL alumni. This bar and grill offers students several ways in which they can seek help solving problems or obtain information on both academic and non-academic matters.This timeless Louisville classic dates back to 1939.It's like traveling back in time with tons of HDTVs, fantastic Pepper Jack cheese balls, neon signs about beer and a good selection of craft beers.This luxurious lounge located inside the historic Galt House Hotel was originally inaugurated in 1972.It has subdued lighting, a powerful bourbon menu, red vinyl bar stools and all with a rich walnut wood flavor.Students who have complaints or concerns about courses taken at the University of Louisville or other university policies or services should contact the student complaints officer so that issues can be resolved quickly, fairly and amicably.So if you're looking for a great place to watch your favorite team while enjoying some food and drinks with friends or family in Louisville then you have plenty of options.

Just make sure to call ahead or check their website to find out what payment options they offer.

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