The Best Sports Bars in Louisville for Live Sports Viewing

If you're looking for the best sports bars in Louisville to watch live sports broadcasts, look no further! Griff's is a 10,800 square foot venue with more than 20 high-definition TVs, an outdoor beach volleyball facility, a virtual indoor driving range and a huge menu of classics to share. It has been endorsed by the Courier-Journal as the best sports bar in Louisville, and it offers 40 beers on tap and more than 100 bourbons. Owned by former University of Louisville and NBA player Darrell Griffith, Griff's is a local favorite.O'Line is ideal for families, offering 35 HD TVs in a comfortable tavern environment. It serves lunch and dinner while still offering a dynamic nightlife.

It also offers patio seating, bowling, live entertainment and a fully equipped private party space.The Sports & Social Club is another great option for sports fans. Located in the heart of the UofL campus, this bar and grill is one of the most popular places in Cardinal+ frequented by UofL alumni. It offers classic pub food and great views of sports on more than 35 HD TVs in a relaxed atmosphere.The luxurious lounge inside the historic Galt House Hotel was originally inaugurated in 1972.It has subdued lighting, a powerful bourbon menu, red vinyl bar stools and all with a rich walnut wood flavor. It is also voted “Best Sports Bar” by the Courier-Journal.The Plainview Village Center branch offers a variety of sports television packages, including the MLB package, ESPN College Gameplan, The Sunday Ticket, Big 10 and all Fox Sports channels.This timeless Louisville classic dates back to 1939.Against the Grain is like traveling back in time if, of course, the Depression had tons of HDTVs, fantastic Pepper Jack cheese balls, neon signs about beer, and a good selection of craft beers.

While located at the Louisville Slugger Stadium, Against the Grain is also a proud home of the LCFC, 0.7 miles from Lynn Family Stadium. You can watch a variety of games on its 9 televisions that surround the dining room.Whether you're looking for an upscale atmosphere or just want to grab some grub and watch your favorite team play on TV, these are some of the best sports bars in Louisville for live sports broadcasts. From Griff's to Against the Grain, you're sure to find something that suits your needs!.

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